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Step 1: Introduction

Have you ever been overwhelmed with designing a space of your own? If so, than this Web Quest will help you in doing this in an orderly manner.

In this Web Quest you and a group of 3 or 4 people will learn a background about the different styles of furniture, as well as setting up a specified living space with the pieces you buy with a $5,000.00 budget. You will also learn how to arrange furniture in a specified space. You will learn how to make a room blueprint which will help you in the future if you decide to remodel or even buy a new space. This will give the group a chance to be creative as well as learn the many different styles of furniture.

The following step (Step 2: Task) will list the three steps in completing this Web Quest. Don't get overwhelmed! This is the first step in creating your perfect space. Breaking it down always makes life easier, so keep that in mind.

In step 3, you will find more details on what needs to be done to complete this Web Quest.

New York Cirriculum Standard(s) can be found here:
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Step 2: The Task
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